Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured at work or have a work-related injury or occupational disease, you may qualify for workers' compensation...

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Workers Compensation Claims

Even though some jobs put the employee at an increased risk compared to others, there are no jobs that are immune to possible...

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Workers’ Compensation is a Team Sport.

Don’t Try to Play it Alone.

Mr. McAuliffe holds himself to a high standard of professionalism and accountability to those whom he proudly represents. He is dedicated to the improvement of his client's quality of life through the diligent application of the law. He handles each claim personally.

Located in Reno, Nevada, Mr. McAuliffe is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured people. He has a proven track record, helping his clients get all the workers' compensation benefits to which they are entitled.

Workers’ compensation is a serious matter, and it’s often more complicated than injured workers realize. The truth is that many people who sustain on-the-job injuries are unaware of the full extent of their rights when it comes to medical, disability (temporary and permanent), vocational rehabilitation and death benefits – a fact that employers and insurance defense lawyers are ready to exploit.

Mr. McAuliffe is a workers’ compensation attorney who will work closely with you to make sure you know exactly the benefits to which you are entitled and will fight to ensure that you get them. He is committed to securing your rights as you work through physical recovery and inability to return to work.

He has been practicing law since 1980 (1984 in Nevada) and devotes his practice exclusively to representing workers' compensation claimants and does not practice in any other area of law.

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Workers’ Compensation

Common Questions

What People Ask

The Nevada Industrial Insurance Act is a set of laws administered by state agencies. The Division of Industrial Relations and Department of Administration...

Workers’ comp is a very complex area of law. It is highly recommended that you retain a lawyer to help file and pursue a claim. You can be sure that the employers...

Yes. Workers’ comp is separate and different from your health insurance, even if your health insurance is paid directly through your employer’s plan for all employees.

“Work-related” is sometimes called “on-the-job” and that is what it generally means, but not always. Most injuries covered by workers’ comp occur during an ordinary...

The most important rule for you to follow is to report to your boss as soon as possible (within one week) after you have an on-the-job accident or as soon as you believe the job has somehow made you sick...

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